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bluntman and chronic action figures signed

Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back: Bluntman & Chronic Action Figures

Suitable for VA fans (as a sign of affection) and VA non-fans (as a cheap "fuck you") alike!


They stormed the box office in 'Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back', and now they've set their sights on comic book stores! Bluntman and Chronic - the superhero secret identities of Jay and Silent Bob - are ready to set the collector's market ablaze and give new meaning to the term "blunt". Use 'em in the privacy of your own home to recreate the thrilling adventures of the recent View Askew summer blockbuster, re-enact the hilarity of the best-selling Image graphic novel, or create your own, X rated adventures starring these crime-busting (and law-breaking) do(bage)-gooders and their faithful simian companion, Suzanne.

Based on model sheets by Michael Avon Oeming, each highly-detailed 8" tall figure is generously articulated and has been sculpted to create all of the details you expect. As with all Graphitti Designs products, we have gone the extra mile so that our figures will be the best around and will stand-out above the crowd.

Bluntman & Chronic have arrived and the world of plastic toys will never be the same!!

BLUNTMAN Action Figure

  • Large 8" tall size.
  • 16-points of articulation.
  • Genuine Synthetic Hair.
  • Removable Cloth Jacket.
  • Two (2) additional, interchangeable hands.
  • Removable Flight Goggles.
  • Blunt-Saber.
  • Three (3) Marijuana Throwing Stars.

CHRONIC Action Figure
  • Large 8" tall size.
  • 16-points of articulation.
  • Genuine Synthetic Hair.
  • Two (2) additional, interchangeable hands.
  • Suzanne the Orangutan.
  • Multi-functional Banana.
  • Odorless Poop-on-foot Prop.


Bluntman Action Figure ONLY


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