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Clerks Lunchbox $19.95

Clerks 16mm Celluloid Frames $10.00

Clerks Bumper Sticker $3.50

Kevin Smith Quote Bumper Stickers $3.00

Tales from the Clerks: The COMPLETE Collection of Comic Book Stories HARDCOVER $79.99

Clerks: The Limited Hardcover Book $69.99

Tales From Clerks II Wizard World Exclusive $9.99

Chasing Dogma Limited Edition Hardcover Book $69.99

Jay and Silent Bob Mini-Series

Clerks (The Comic Book)

Clerks Holiday Special

Clerks (The Lost Scene)

The Silent Bob Coat $399.00

Two Screenplays: Clerks & Chasing Amy $15.00

Clerks: 15th Anniversary Blu-Ray Edition $39.99

Clerks Logo T-Shirt $18.00-$21.00

Quick Stop T-Shirt $18.00-$21.00

Clerks Color Logo T-Shirt $18.00-$21.00

Jay's 'Berserker' T-Shirt $21.95-$25.95

Jay's 'Berserker' Longsleeve T-Shirt $25.95-$28.95

Dante Hicks T-Shirt - BLUE $18.00-$21.00

Dante Hicks T-Shirt - BLACK $18.00-$21.00

Clerks Theatrical Poster $32.99

Clerks: Dante & Randal Counter Poster $6.95

Clerks French Poster $6.95

Jay and Silent Bob Ass Poster $32.99


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