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These full-color bumper stickers are updated replicas of the official 'Mallrats' bumper stickers that were produced waaaay back in 1995 for the film's original release. Sadly the original stickers were produced in very limited quantities when the movie left town, so did the stickers.

Faithfully reproduced from images in the View Askew archives and updated for today's 'Mallrats' fans, these full-color bumper stickers are weatherproofed to ensure a long-life on your car or truck. They measure 11.5" x 3" inches and feature either Jay & Silent Bob (All It Took Was a Fat Chronic Blunt! I Love The Smell of Commerce in the Morning!) or Brodie (Say Would You Like a Chocolate Covered Pretzel? They're a Little Melty but Damn are they Exquisite).

BS mallratsbrodie$3.00Sticker: 

"Mallrats" Bumper Sticker with Jay & Silent BobAll it took was a fat, chronic blunt!

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