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You've seen it in 'Mallrats' being worn by Fan-Boy Walt (the real-life Walter Flanagan), and in the Soul Asylum 'Can't Even Tell' Video. We gave them to a select few a couple years ago as Christmas presents. Now, you can own one yourself. It's the Official View Askew Hockey Jersey - featuring the logo of our team, the Vulgarians (designed by good ol' Walt), emblazoned across the front, and a number '37' across the back (if you have to ask, you're not a true fan). Wear Vulgar - the View Askew Clown Mascot - with pride on the ice or between the sheets (yeah - like you get laid!).


Vulgarians Hockey Jersey XL hockeyjerseyxl$42.00Size: 

View Askew Vulgarians Hockey Jersey XXL hockeyjerseyxxl$52.00Size: 

Vulgarians Hockey Jersey XXXL hockeyjerseyxxxl$52.00Size: 

Search Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash:

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