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A Better Place - Special Edition DVD

A Better Place - Special Edition DVD

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A Better Place - Special Edition DVD


Everyone's asked about it and a few lucky ones saw it when it hit festivals and special screenings. Now...finally... you can get your greasy little hands on it. Vincent Pereira's debut film A Better Place is now available as a very packed, special editon DVD. The DVD features the following:
  • Director's commentary
  • Deleted scenes with commentary
  • Widescreen Digital Transfer of the Director's Cut (featuring scenes notin festival prints)
  • 5.1 Dolby Digital soundtrack mixed at the Skywalker Ranch
  • Special introductions by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier
  • Groundbreaking Easter Eggs
A word about this DVD and Toshiba DVD Players:Posted by bbruce at on September 07, 2001 at 20:28:48:If you have a Toshiba DVD player, you probably may already know that on some select models, there are some incompatibility problems with the A BETTER PLACE DVD. On my player, I could not access anything besides the movie, commentary, and the easter egg commentary, my player would just freeze when I selected anything else. This was frustrating, so recently I thought of a way to access these, and I finally tried it out today and it actually works. So, if your player's been freezing up when you tried toaccess some parts of ABP, then here's the solution. You need to find the button that can let you manually choose Title/Chapter on your remote control (on mine, it's labeled as "T"). Press it, then enter the specified title (on my player, to select the title, you need to enter the number, press down, and when Chapter is highlighted, press Play). I also found a minute of outtakes that I don't think are normally accessible (last title).Chapter 1Title 2Kevin & Scott Intro ITitle 3Kevin & Scott Intro IITitle 4Kevin & Scott Intro IIITo listen to the 5.1 sound mix/deleted scene commentary, use the Audio button on your remote control to switch between tracks 1 (regular) and 2 (5.1/commentary).Title 5Sound Comparison (Mono) - Chapter 1Title 6Sound Comparison (Mono) - Chapter 7Title 7Sound Comparison (Mono)- Chapter 18Title 8Deleted Scene 1 (Eddie, Augustine, Barret talking in school)Title 9Deleted Scene 2 (Barret and Ryan talking by wall in Asbury Park)Title 10Deleted Scene 3 (Ryan & Barret talking in Ryan's house)Title 11Deleted Scene 4 (Augustine and Barret talking on beach, walking to Barret's house)Title 12Deleted Scene 5 (Asbury Park dealer and Ryan talking, dealer's room)Title 13Deleted Scene 6 (Justin, Todd and Jake talking, Augustine at Barret's house)Title 14Deleted Scene 7 (Barret goes to Ryan's house, confronts Ryan's mother)Title 15Deleted Scene 8 (Ryan and Barret talking by the beach)Title 16We Make "Big Helium Dog" to Watch! - Big Helium Dog teaser/trailerTitle 17 Looks like outtakes, or more cut stuff, to me. It looks like this isn't selectable anywhere on the disc (NOTE- these are the outtakes that play when you select "Color Bars" from the main menu)You've waited long enough for this.. now wait no longer. Buy it now and buy it here!This DVD is REGION-FREEHowever it is NTSC ONLY! Those of you who live in regions utilizing PAL TV signals may not be able to view this disc.
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