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Chocolate Buddy Christ

Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash Cast Poster - SIGNED

Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash Hat

Fatman LOGO Shirt - BLUE (as worn by Kevin Smith) $18.00-$21.00

Secret Stash STAFF Shirt $18.00-$21.00

Fatman LOGO Shirt (as worn by Kevin Smith) $18.00-$21.00

Secret Stash STAFF Hoodie (as worn by Walt Flanagan) $40.00-$43.00

Jy & Silent Bob Secret Stash Logo Shirt Gray $18.00-$21.00

Secret Stash LOGO Shirt Maroon $18.00-$21.00

I Sell Comics T-Shirt (as worn by Ming Chen) $18.00-$21.00

Death of Chronic T-Shirt (as worn by Mike Zapcic) $18.00-$21.00

Secret Stash Black Zip Hoodie (as worn by Walt Flanagan)$50.00-$55.00

Secret Stash Gelaskins Cases for Phones, iPads and Laptops

Jay's Winter Hat (From Dogma) $18.95

Silent Bob's Mooby Hat $20.00

Got Christ? T-Shirt $18.00-$21.00

Limited Edition Comic Book Men Lithographs $75.00

Mooby Hoodie Bundle $30.00 - $33.00

Edumacation Collegiate T-Shirt $25.00-$28.00

Edumacation What! What! T-Shirt $25.00-$28.00

Jay & Silent Bob Vinyl Figures $19.95

Jay & Silent Bob Secret Stash Inaction Figures T-Shirt $18.00-$21.00

Jay & Silent Bob Shirtpunch T-Shirt $18.00-$21.00

Tracer Inaction Figure - SIGNED BY SCOTT MOSIER $10.00

Jay & Silent Bob Mini-Mates $9.95

Plus One Autographed Bundle $50.00

'Plus One' Vinyl album starring Kevin Smith and Jennifer Schwalbach

The Walking Dead Trade Paperbacks14.99

LA Ming's Ladies Shirt $18.00

Plus One Gelaskins Phone/iPad/Laptop cases and skins

Tell 'em Steve-Dave Gelaskins Phone/iPad/Laptop cases and skins

Fatman LOGO Shirt $18.00-$21.00

Monroeville Zombies Camisole - $18.00

'Got Christ' Lady's Tank - $18.00

Tough Sh*t - By Kevin Smith $29.95

Monroeville Zombies Lady's Tank Top - $18.00

Jay and Silent Bob Get Old - Teabagging in the UK DVD $24.95

SModcast USB - The Forgeticus Saga! $5.00 - $10.00

Jay & Silent Bob Get Old USB - SIGNED$10.00

Buddy Christ Dashboard Statue - $17.95

Zombie Kevin Smith Inaction Figure $19.99

Color Challenged Kevin Smith Inaction Figure $19.99

40th Birthday Older Yet No Wiser Kevin Smith Inaction Figure $19.99

Bear-y Curious Kevin Inaction Figure $19.99

Brotherhood of Dealers Union Cards - Jay, Silent Bob or Pumpkin Escobar - Laminated - $1.00-$4.00

Chasing Amy Final Page 8x10 reprint

Zippo Nails Lighter - $29.95

My Boring-Ass Life - Expanded Edition - signed by Kevin $14.99

Jay & Silent Bob Secret Stash Gift Certtificate $10.00 - $100.00

Clerks 2 Theatrical Poster $24.99-$19.99

Batman Cacophony Trade Paperback with original art! $19.99

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Mini Poster - signed by Kevin Smith $15.00

Clerks 2 Blu-Ray DVD - SIGNED $34.99

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