Jay and Silent Bob
Big Fat Card On Game (Signed)

Big Fat Card On Game (Signed)


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It’s the inappropriate game by Jay and Silent Bob. Two huge decks filled with comic book battles and thought provoking (some say raunchy) questions from the world of Jay and Silent Bob.  Signed by Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes.

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ADULTS ONLY: It’s a Jay and Silent Bob Game so what did you expect!? This game was created for ages 17 and up. Trust us, there’s stuff you can’t unread and unhear.

Compete with your friends, judge other players, make cringeworthy decisions and engage in verbal battle within the game’s 3 play modes.

The game features bunches of cards (114) with thousands of play combos, awesome art and epic challenges.  If you love hard questions and stiff competition, you can become a Card-On superhero!